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The Devil Created Spices Preview by Video320

I don't know what the hell this Deviantart Rating catagories are meaning and since there's nothing that explains it over there, I'm not...

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Sweet Itch 2016 by RoflQu
Sweet Itch 2016
Boy, you'd think they wouldn't even let him in the restaurant. Y'know, for being a walking health issue.
Clydesdale Horse 2016 by RoflQu
Clydesdale Horse 2016
Some Clydesdale Horse for 2016. Been 3 years since this fella got a new design sheet, so it was high time to make one.
Andre 2016 by RoflQu
Andre 2016
Made a new design sheet for Andre. More digital practice on my part. I think I'm approaching the point where I can go one to one with this as a substitute for my traditional inks. (Although I'll still miss that certain something about them...)

I never really opened up Andre's coat before, although I always knew he had a turtle neck underneath, I figured the suspenders break up the simplicity a little. Isn't it funny that this guy started life as a sentai? Now he's pretty well moved from the concept and is set more in American superheroics.
Andre's Character Evolution by RoflQu
Andre's Character Evolution
Saw one of these built in art boxes and thought it would be fun comparing side by side. That can be found here if you want to do it yourself and I may do some more of these later today as it comes to me. [link]

So, when I originally made Andre, it was a Sentai. I don't really know any major Sentai concepts or ideas outside of the original run of Power Rangers (I was the Blue Ranger for Halloween when I was 5!) and as a result, I kind of thought about the concept some and looked at a few sources. Originally, his design under the mask was taken from Lupin III's hair and I adopted the face in sort of homage from Cyborg 008. That Shotaro Ishinomori was kind of a cool early anime (the only acceptable anime) look to me was perfect, so I went with it. I'm not sure where the helmet ultimately came from.

I think he works a lot better now without the Sentai aspect bogging him down. One of the things I've learned is that I don't really dig doing masks. I think my characters work a lot better when I'm able to use the facial expressions that I'm good at using. I also am able to craft the kind of stories I want and have the art to back up the emotional content and weight that they should be given. So, if at any point you feel like you're unable to tell your story because you can't perform it artistically, then maybe give it some time. Natural improvement can go a long way towards that.
Henry 2016 by RoflQu
Henry 2016
Henry Hwong is a fresh-faced college kid with a healthy interest in the sciences. He also has a fascinating power that gives him a free ride at Orsktech University.

Henry essentially radiates any negative sensations or conditions to anyone around him. If anyone were to hit him, it would ricochets back at them. However, this extends to just nearly all sensations he feels. If he were to be too hot, it would spread to someone else. Pain, hunger, and any uncomfortable sensations all brush off of him. He's nigh-invulnerable as a result and is in a constant state of feeling perfect.

It'd be fair to say he's out to use his powers for evil though, given his propensity for getting in fights with people. Arguments that always keep him on the winning edge. Henry always tries to get the last word in any debate or discussion. He speaks his mind and refuses to lie in general. He always makes sure that he's right to the best of his ability. He isn't afraid of anyone since the threat of physical pain is nonexistent to him. While he's usually described as an arrogant dick or a smug douchebag, he ultimately just tries to push away people from him to prevent them from getting hurt, literally.

This power is also responsible for killing his parents and rendering him an orphan due to him suffering the brunt of car accident and transferring his fatal disaster to his parents. He has a brother and a sister that he lost in the mix of the foster care system. He's searching for them and hopes to reunite the family that he was responsible for destroying. While this is his greatest desire, it's also his greatest fear due to his guilt.
Happy 2016 everyone who is around. If you haven't hit delete on this journal yet, then check it. Friends are putting together a tournament on, called the Light Speed Death Tournament. If you're familiar at ALL, you know already what that entails, you know, 1 week rounds you get in, character blam dead.

HOWEVER, this one is different and even quicker. You have 4 days to draw 3 pages max, with 3 days voting. This tournament is really fast and should be a lot of fun. If you're interested in doing a little distraction and having a great time, you got until the 13th of January to sign on up with a character of your own. So, come around and check it out, we'd love to have more fresh-faced happy people. (Link here!)


E.W. Schneider
United States
I'm here, you know?

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