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Emi, Candy Witch by RoflQu
Emi, Candy Witch

For every business major, there’s someone who’s getting an education in farrier science. (That’s horseshoeing.) Likewise, the realm of the fantastic is no different. In terms of magicks one could learn, there’s your sorcery, your necromancy, all the standards that we see utilized in magicks. However, there’s also the obscure.

The Culinary Arts are those who divine their powers from the food they eat. They toe a line not unlike necromancy, who gain power from death, as all living things have a magic to them. When prepared in a meal, there’s a wealth of strengths and powers to be gained from them. The strongest of these mages can simply eat a grain of rice and have all of creation unlocked to them. Emi is one such mage, on a long and difficult road to gain power over all she consumes.
Nadya, Consort of the Gods by RoflQu
Nadya, Consort of the Gods
Being tapped into The Supreme Ether is a strange experience. The ever shifting, ever moving pantheon of Gods and the various masks they wear are nearly incomprehensible and those that do not move on to their own monotheistic domains remain very much in touch with the Earth and it's inhabitants. There is constant strife, as they bicker and battle over who has overstepped what boundary and who must pay reparations. Nadya is the chosen arbiter of these matters. She maintains peace among these ancient beings who are constantly pursuing their own agendas. She is constantly watched through the eyes that present itself inside of her shadows.
Fordite by RoflQu
Hey, here’s a Crystal Gem character thing of mine. Kozispoon asked me to make one, so I made up Fordite. Technically, she’s not even a gem!  Fordite, also known as Detroit agate, is hardened and compacted automobile paint which has been baked numerous time to create eco-friendly jewelry. Her “gemstone” is actually her eyes! They’re constantly moving and pulsating with color as more fordite comes up like waves. Her hair is also a strange pulsation of fordite and color. Her weapon is razor wire that she pulls out of her eyes.
Dr. Fabulous and Mortimer by RoflQu
Dr. Fabulous and Mortimer
One of my favorite things about the original Lupin III run was how simple and fun the 'covers' to each story was. I always wanted to try and capture that whenever I began doing Dr. Fabulous and Morty comics.
Hey, so I'm gonna be mostly uploading to tumblr from now on, so if you wanna look at me there or something,
Every once in a while I'll post back here, but mostly I'm gonna use tumblr.


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