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The Devil Created Spices Preview by Video320

I don't know what the hell this Deviantart Rating catagories are meaning and since there's nothing that explains it over there, I'm not...

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Fear 2015 by RoflQu
Fear 2015
A character I hadn't intended on revisiting at all. I got a couple good ideas regarding him recently, so I felt like redrawing him. His design is definitely not what I usually do, so it's cool to see him done.
Bone Deaf 2015 by RoflQu
Bone Deaf 2015
It's October soon, so why not draw this guy up again for Halloween?

What was once arguably the toughest musician on the scene (at least, he thinks he was?) has found himself rather deceased. Now walking around as the most crunchy part of a human, Bone Deaf has come back from the land of the dead to rock out. He won't rest until he's earned all the awards he was meant to earn in life for his many talents. Even without vocal cords, Bone Deaf will sing his way to a Platinum album. Sure, his music has a few side effects, but it's not like musicians are normal in the first place!
I don't know what the hell this Deviantart Rating catagories are meaning and since there's nothing that explains it over there, I'm not going to really bother with it, so whatever you get 5 stars, I don't care about that and you shouldn't either.

I think you should make your pages come through a little larger. This is okay since it's all stacked, but I would hope each page by itself is going to be larger than one piece of this stack.

I think Victor doesn't look sufficiently old enough? I get that he's supposed to be spry still, but I've always thought his lack of wrinkles and just general look of age made him not look like he was actually in his mid-60's. Unless he had some serious botox work done on him, you should toss more detail on him.

All the other characters present look good and the art is fun. That usage of different art on in the picture frames at the bottom seems kind of distracting and I would prefer if you had just done like something originally by yourself there. (And if you DID do it, that hyper detailed and rendered look against your other stuff in the comic looks really weird.)

You've got some perspective issues in the kitchen appliances and the chairs in the dining area. Your gradient use here is looking solid, but your shadows are kind of inconsistent and you should make sure to address them. When the door is opened in the peniultimate panel, you have no shadows underneath May and Sharon or coming from the kitchen or whatever. Make sure to take the time on these things, since both lacking shadows and rough perspectives can add up over time.

I know you're capable of great work and I hope to see more of this soon.
Sweet Itch Avatar
I also got some practice in one burst with Sweet Itch for animation, too!
Dr. Fabulous Avatar
A little avatar of Dr. Fabulous done up for some animation practice. I've always kind of liked the freedom and looseness granted with squigglevision, it's really nice when you have very little experience! I also didn't do too bad, looks like I'm passable in the digital department??
Hey, so I'm gonna be mostly uploading to tumblr from now on, so if you wanna look at me there or something,
Every once in a while I'll post back here, but mostly I'm gonna use tumblr.


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Current Residence: Michigan

P.S. I don't give back llama badges, so don't waste your time.

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