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The Devil Created Spices Preview by Video320

I don't know what the hell this Deviantart Rating catagories are meaning and since there's nothing that explains it over there, I'm not...

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Tomescu and Gerold 2015 by RoflQu
Tomescu and Gerold 2015
“Tomescu a Garold” were a pair of knock-off toons created behind the Iron Curtain, commissioned by the Americans. In creation, they were repurposed by the Soviet Union for spying and assassinations. They were sent off on their tour of American Studios, only to expectedly fail. During their attempt at penetrating American viewership, Tomescu fell in love with America.

Once he and Garold got home, they attempted to defect Russia. Garold only leaving due to a deep love and respect for his partner. Unfortunately, they were both caught at the Berlin Wall. One of the higher ups present was Garold’s father, who managed to have his life spared.

Tomescu was gunned down at the Berlin Wall.

Garold grieved for his comrade and carried his remains with him, in the form of the blood-soaked rock from the Berlin Wall. The actual location of his body is unknown and was a state secret, lost to the world. Garold resented that he was spared. He was sent back into the KGB, warned there was no second chances.

Garold drifted within the KGB game for a while, doing his tours in South America, Afghanistan, etc. After the Cold War ended, there was a need for someone of his calibur. Garold now works in the freelance game.

Soviet Toons aren’t made of the same stuff as American Toons. As a result, he’s quite vulnerable to the regular stuff that’d kill people. However, he’s able to take standard toon damage and bounce back, just fine, however. So his home-made explosives, hammers, gun-shots, knives, are just fine.

Tomescu started haunting him after his death. He’s the more talkative of the two, even though only Garold hears him. Whether he exists or is the adopted personification of Garold’s diminishing voice of reason is unknown. However, Garold takes Tomescu very seriously.
Suicide King 2015 by RoflQu
Suicide King 2015
This gentleman's name is not Suicide King, it’s his title.
When people get deeply in debt with the casinos and I mean really deep in debt, they’re given an option from the casinos and their investors to try and alleviate that debt by becoming a Suicide King.

Becoming a Suicide King means they have to take on jobs for the casinos and their investors, either mercenary work or most usually, assassinations.

Generally speaking, people aren’t Suicide Kings long, since, they’re killed on the job more often than not. Suicide Kings are basically a revolving door of as needed labor. The casinos don’t mind terribly much, since if their Suicide King dies they have a life insurance policy out on them which basically covers the debts. And if a Suicide King lives a while longer then no problem, they’re doing work for the casinos and taking out targets that have drawn the casinos and their investors ire. It's a win-win situation.

Suicide Kings aren't usually given much form of training, since it's not too hard to shoot a gun and kill someone.

However, it’s recommended to watch out for the one who’s always dressed with his Buddy Holly glasses and bowties. Because that one is real good…
Weird Mario by RoflQu
Weird Mario
I been playing quite a bit of Mario Maker lately. I really like playing Weird Mario in Mario Bros. levels and I made a couple myself! Give them a try, they're all really fast paced and fun, so I hope you like them if you play!
Fear 2015 by RoflQu
Fear 2015
A character I hadn't intended on revisiting at all. I got a couple good ideas regarding him recently, so I felt like redrawing him. His design is definitely not what I usually do, so it's cool to see him done.
Hey, so I'm gonna be mostly uploading to tumblr from now on, so if you wanna look at me there or something,
Every once in a while I'll post back here, but mostly I'm gonna use tumblr.


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